The ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES, (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) is seeking seeks qualified vendors to provide seventy-five (75) slots to assist with providing psychiatric community-based home services for youth with an IQ of 55+ (males and females ages 5-10; males and females ages 11-14; males and females ages 15-17; and males and females ages 18-20) with psychiatric disturbances and/or behavioral issues. The goal of the Enriched Community-Based Homes is to facilitate recovery so that youth can live, learn, and participate fully in their communities. Recovery can also mean a complete remission of symptoms. The Department is also seeking to foster resilience and hope in youth and families. Vendors are expected to create a highly structures environment with a community-based out-of-home treatment setting for youth whose treatment needs require individualized care at the intensive service delivery level. The Department seeks vendors with the ability to provide ancillary services to preserve or maintain successful placement stability including, but not limited to individual aide services. 

A more complete description of the services sought for this project is provided in Section 3, Scope of Project. Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must comply with the instructions and procedures contained herein. 



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