Administrative Hearings
The mission of Administrative Hearings is to provide Due Process/Administrative Hearings in Child Abuse/Neglect, Adult Services, Licensing and other matters where one is entitled to a hearing under the Administrative Procedures Act.

Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services investigates reports of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of adults 18 years of age or older who are unable to protect themselves due to mental or physical disabilities or advanced age. Adult Protective Services also assists adults to live independently within their own communities while preventing unnecessary institutionalization.

Governmental Relations and Communications
Governmental Relations and Communications keeps the public, the news media, and lawmakers informed about the operations of the Department of Human Resources.

Child and Family Services Review
Child and Family Services Reviews are structured to help states identify strengths and areas needing improvement in their child welfare practices and programs as well as institute systemic changes that will improve child and family outcomes.

Child Care Services
Child Day Care provides Alabama’s families equal access to affordable quality child care services and is responsible for the licensing and renewal of licenses for Child Care Centers.

Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Enforcement locates parents, establishes paternity, obtains child support payments, and enforces child support orders. Child Support services are available to both custodial and non-custodial parents.

Consolidated Child and Family Services Plan
This Plan includes the information about the organization and structure of the Family Services Division; the Annual Progress and Services Report; Principles of Operation; Child Welfare Services; Programmatic and Administrative Support; Financial Reports; and appendices.

Employment Opportunities
DHR offers exciting job opportunities for social workers, caseworkers, and financial support workers in Child Welfare, Adult Protective Services, Financial Support Programs.

Equal Employment and Civil Rights
Equal Employment and Civil Rights serves as the focal point for the Department of Human Resources and local county Departments in activities involving Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity.

FACTS – Family, Adult, and Child Tracking System
FACTS, or Family, Adult, and Child Tracking System, is a comprehensive automated case management tool for Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services. The intention of the system is to provide a unified automated tool to support most, if not all, family, child and adult services. FACTS is Alabama’s Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS).

Family (Financial) Assistance Program
Family Assistance helps families become self-sufficient by providing services such as temporary cash payments, work and job training services and child care assistance for parents involved in work and training activities.

Field Administration
Field Administration includes staff devoted to Emergency Welfare Services and Employee Safety, Field Operations, Staff Development, and Training. Field Administration provides coordination of services during disasters and emergencies, support to the state office and county departments on matters of safety, administrative guidance to county operations, programs to recruit and retain staff, and training designed to promote a high level of competence within the workforce.

Finance provides financial management services and support to the Department of Human Resources.

Information Services Division
Information Services provides effective information services through the use of technology and supporting services to the Department of Human Resources.

Legal defends and prosecutes cases on behalf of the Department of Human Resources and provides legal assistance to Department of Human Resources that will enable the Department to effectively carry out its programs.

Management and Fiscal Analysis
Management and Fiscal Analysis is responsible for Federal and State statistical reports; for ongoing management of Work Sampling and Staff Allocation Systems; for data analysis, informational presentations, and trend analysis.

Personnel provides administrative services and support to the employees of the Department of Human Resources. This includes all matters related to employee pay, employee hiring, promotions, terminations, separations, retirements and services related to performance appraisals, pay increases, probationary increases and administration of employee examinations.

Quality Control
The Quality Control (QC) Division performs monthly reviews of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cases to ascertain whether or not the recipients’ eligibility for benefits has been correctly determined by county Departments of Human Resources.

Resource Management
Resource Management negotiates, manages and monitors the Department’s social service contracts and provides oversight, technical assistance and support services to the public, contractors, State Departments, and DHR’s county and state offices/divisions. Resource Management consists of: 1) the Office of Procurement; 2) the Office of Contracts; 3) the Office of Licensing; 4) the Office of Fiscal Accountability; and 5) the Office of Resource Development and Utilization Review.