Caring and Committed Families Needed

Currently in Alabama, there are approximately 6,000 children in foster care. Some simply need foster care for a matter of days. Others may need foster care until they are reunited with their biological family or a plan is made for them to be adopted. All of these children share the need for a caring and committed family that can bring them the future they deserve.


Children in Foster Care


Number of Foster Homes


Children Available for Adoption

Who are These Children That Need Foster Care?

  • Children from all ethnic and economic groups.
  • Children with backgrounds or experiences that have placed them at risk.
  • Brothers and sisters who need to stay together.
  • Teens with various degrees of mental, physical or emotional problems.
  • Children of all ages who cannot currently live with their birth families due to the risk of neglect, physical or sexual abuse.

What They Need Most is Your Abilities and Care.

Families or individuals interested in providing foster care for children are subject to an approval process. The main requirement is to have the ability and desire to provide the type of care needed by the children served.

  • Foster care applicants complete a 30-hour preparation course and receive information necessary to prepare for a rewarding family experience.
  • Foster parents may provide care for one or more children, the maximum of six at any one time.
  • Children in foster care have a social worker assigned to them to support the placement and to access necessary services. Foster families also have social workers assigned to support them.
  • Families receive a payment each month for room and board.

You Could be a Foster Parent if…

  • You are at least 19 years of age.
  • You can provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for the child.
  • Your home conforms to the Alabama Minimum Standards for Foster Family Homes.
  • Your home has enough space for the child and his or her belongings.
  • All members of your family are willing to share their home with a child who needs care.
  • All members of your family are in good health.
  • All adults in the home are willing to undergo a thorough background check, including criminal history.



The IL Program is a program that shall be developed in every county to guide youth toward success as adults.
Information for families or individuals interested in providing foster care for children.
This divsion is responsible for the development and management of statewide resources for children and some vulnerable adults in the State of Alabama.
Information on kinship guardianship for children in foster care.

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