Field Administration includes staff devoted to Emergency Welfare Services and Employee Safety, Field Operations, Staff Development, and Training. Field Administration provides coordination of services during disasters and emergencies, support to the state office and county departments on matters of safety, administrative guidance to county operations, programs to encourage and support a professional, licensed social work workforce, and training designed to promote a high level of competence within the workforce.

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Field Operations

Field Operations works with county departments to resolve administrative problems and client service issues, as well as conduct operational reviews and evaluate county productivity. The office also serves as liaison between the Commissioner and the counties and evaluates new policy for impact on county operations.

Staff Development

Staff Development manages programs and initiatives directed toward building a highly trained/educated workforce including departmental educational leave programs, the social work licensure initiative, BSW/MSW student field placement and student stipend programs, and partnerships with Alabama colleges and universities.

Emergency Welfare Services/Employee Safety

EWS and Employee Safety provides coordination of services during disasters and emergencies, and provides support to the 67 county departments, and state office on matters of employee safety.


Training provides core courses for supervisors and managers, and maintains training records on behalf of the department.

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Phone Number: (334) 242-9275