Preschool programs which are an integral part of a local church ministry or a religious nonprofit elementary school, and are so recognized in the church or school’s documents, are not required to be licensed by the Department of Human Resources provided that:

A notice is filed by the governing board or authority of the church or school with the Department that said church or school meets the definition of a local church ministry or a religious nonprofit elementary school.

A notice of intent to operate said program is given to the appropriate fire and health departments so that said facilities shall be inspected in accordance with the state and local fire and health requirements for such programs.

A notice to the Department certifying that the following records are being maintained by the church:

  • Fire and health inspection reports
  • Immunization vertifications for all children
  • Medical history forms for all staff and children


The following information shall be available to parent(s) or guardian(s) prior to enrolling their children in said church ministry:

  • Staff qualifications
  • Pupil-staff ratio
  • Discipline policies
  • Type of curriculum used in the learning program
  • The religious teachings to be given each child
  • The type of lunch program available


The child care facility must also ensure that the parent or guardian and a responsible individual representing the governing board as authority of the church or school be required to sign, and file with the Department, the affidavits provided by Section 38-7-3 of the Code of Alabama.

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