Every licensed center must…

  • Have a valid license, a current licensing evaluation, and fire and health department approvals posted in a conspicuous place for parents to see
  • Not exceed, at any time, the number of children for which the center is licensed (stated on the license)
  • Post a schedule of daily activities
  • Post emergency procedures
  • Provide parents with a copy of the center’s operating policies prior to the child’s admission
  • Have a working telephone in the center
  • Have a physical environment that is clean, uncluttered, and free of hazards
  • Have child-sized and/or child adapted furniture and bathroom facilities
  • Post weekly menus
  • Serve nutritious meals and snacks in accordance with the USDA Food and Nutrition Service
  • Have clean cots and/or cribs for each child
  • Have a fenced, outdoor play area
  • Have a fence surrounding a swimming pool
  • Allow parental access
  • Provide proper supervision of all children at all times
  • Not exceed the following required child/staff ratio…
AgeStaff to Child Ratio Effective
July 8, 2005
0 up to 18 months1 to 5
18 months up to 2 1/2 years1 to 7
24 months up to 36 months1 to 8
2 1/2 years up to 4 years1 to 11
4 years to school age*1 to 18
School age up to 8 years*1 to 21
8 years and older1 to 22

Required ratios shall be maintained at all times. Note: Specific ratios are required for swimming or wading activities, napping/resting time, transportation, and nighttime care.

* The term “school age ” in this context refers to children of lawful school age (as defined in Section A., 13, page 9, of the Performance Standards for Day Care Centers and Nighttime Centers), who are enrolled in public or private school.