Case Management

Case management is a variety of activities designed to plan and seek services from various social agencies and staff on behalf of clients.Activities include assessing the need for services, case planning, arranging for services, social support, reassessment/follow-up, and monitoring.Through case management services the social worker/case manager is able to assess the progress of a client who requires the services of multiple professionals, agencies, health care facilities and human service programs..

Information and Referral

This service provides caregivers and other individuals with current in formation on programs, services and resources within their communities.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care is a program of care for a portion of a 24 hour day in a protective setting for eligible adults 18 years of age and older. This service is for the adult who needs care during the day and to provide meals and supervision to individuals who live alone and cannot manage totally on his/her own. Adult Day Care enables the family to maintain the adult at home. It is designed to prevent or remedy abuse, neglect, or exploitation or unnecessary institutionalization..

Adult Foster Care

Service is provided in approved homes on a 24-hour basis for individuals who are 18 years of age or older who because of their physical, mental or emotional limitations are unable to live alone and who have no families with whom they can live. For more information, click here to complete an online inquiry form.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a program of services to assist specifically identified groups of persons in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. The adult population to be served through TCM consists of individuals 18 years of age or older who are(1) at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation or (2) at risk of institutionalization due to his/her caretaker(s) inability to provide the minimum sufficient level of care in his/her home..


Homemaker service is a program for eligible adults 18 years of age and older who are at risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation or unnecessary institutionalization. This service is available for the adult who needs house keeping assistance with tasks he/she is unable to accomplish and who has no one to perform the tasks. The service allows the adult to remain independent and continue to reside in his/her own home. Homemaker service is only provided through Merit System employees in five designated counties.

Component Services


This service allows for the assessment of cognitive processes, emotions,communication skills, and problems of adjustment and behavior through administration and/or interpretation of tests of mental abilities,aptitudes, interests, attitudes, emotions, motivation, and personality characteristics. An evaluation of the adult’s physical and/or mental condition and ability may be necessary to determine the appropriateness of placement and establish or reestablish a plan of care for the person in need of protective services..•Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health counseling is provided for protective services clients who need treatment by individual interview, group counseling, family counseling and/or collateral counseling. This service may include supportive counseling, behavioral modification techniques, evaluation and assistance regarding social adjustment..

Emergency Shelter Care

This limited service provides room, board and supervision to adults in crisis situations who are in danger of experiencing abuse, neglect or exploitation.

DHR Limited Payment to Nursing Homes

Limited nursing home payment is only available as a result of a founded adult protective service report when nursing home placement is necessary and the client has no individual or family resources. This service allows for the payment of drugs, medical treatment, personal items or services not covered by Medicaid.