Act 2022-161 (Shirley’s Law)

Effective June 1, 2022; Procedures effective January 1, 2023        

This act creates a central registry containing the names of those who have abused, neglected, exploited, or committed crimes against the elderly and other adults in need of protective services. The central registry is similar to the child abuse and neglect central registry maintained by DHR pursuant to Ala. Code § 26-14-8. 

Under the Alabama Elder and Adult in Need of Protective Services Abuse Registry, also known as Shirley’s Law, certain service providers must query the registry to determine whether any of their employees or volunteers have a history of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or crimes against the elderly or adults in need of protective services.

The law also provides a due process procedure for those accused of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, as well as a mechanism by which an individual may have his or her report expunged from the registry. 

Have a question? Call the Adult Protective Services Division of DHR at 1-800-458-7214.