What happens to the child?

Generally, Alabama law requires the Department of Human Resources “to seek out, through investigation, complaints from citizens, or otherwise, the […]

How am I protected?

All persons reporting suspected abuse or neglect (whether required by law to report or not) are presumed to be acting […]

What must I report?

Both oral and written reports should include the name of the child, his whereabouts, the names and addresses of the […]

When must I report?

If you are among those persons required to report child abuse and neglect and you learn of a child whose […]

To whom must I report?

You should make your report to your chief of police or sheriff, or to the Department of Human Resources. When […]

What is child neglect?

Under Alabama law, it is “negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child, including the failure to provide adequate food, medical […]

What is child abuse?

Under Alabama law, it is “harm or threatened harm to a child’s health or welfare which can occur through nonaccidental […]