referred to as “the Department”) invites qualified vendors to submit a
proposal to provide a wide range of comprehensive services for the
Comprehensive Family Support Services Program (CFSSP) in the Covington
County Department of Human Services. The goals of the CFSSP is: to
protect children from abuse and neglect; to enable children to live with
their families or near their home if living with family is not possible;
to achieve stability and permanency in their lives; to achieve
educational success and to become stable, productive adults. The service
delivery must incorporate flexibility in order to meet the
individualized needs of the families to be served by the program.
Families are seen as partners in the service delivery process. As a
result of the partnership, families are active team members in the
planning and delivery of services.

The home environment is the primary location for the community-based
intervention of the CFSSP. The length of the designed service delivery
is prescribed according to individualized needs making it a long term
intervention for families in the areas of the placement prevention and
family re-unification. Services to families are provided regardless of
difficulty of service delivery requiring an unconditional commitment to
achieve positive outcomes. Applicants must possess a high degree of
professional skill. This procurement is seeking a single, stand-alone
Vendor to deliver a range of services that will meet the goals of the
CFSSP as identified above. A more complete description of the services
sought for this project is provided in Section 3, Scope of Project.
Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must comply with
the instructions and procedures contained herein.

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