Notice to Active Food Assistance Households:  Please do not complete this D-SNAP Pre-Screener

On November 16th, extra Food Assistance benefits were placed on your EBT card because of food lost.  Your household is not eligible for and should not apply for any other D-SNAP benefits.

NOTE: Any application received after the cutoff time will not be processed.

Click here for the hurricane Zeta DSNAP Fact sheet.

    Step 1:

    Please provide your contact information.

    Step 2:

    Download and complete the pre-screening form.

    NOTE: Download the following PDF pre-screening form to your device. Open the saved document from your device, then complete the form. Save the completed form on your device.

    Disaster Food Assistance Pre-Screening Form Hurricane Zeta 2020 (fillable PDF)

    Step 3:

    Upload the completed PDF pre-screening form.

    Step 4:

    Upload a copy of proof of identification (For example: driver’s license, wage stub, a birth certificate, a voter registration card, or a work ID card).

    Step 5:

    Upload a copy of proof of residency (For example: a statement from your landlord, rent or mortgage receipt, telephone book, post office records, a piece of mail with your name and address on it, utility bills, or driver’s license).

    Step 6:

    Click here to submit your information.