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The Parent's Role

Good child care also involves a close working relationship between the parents and the caregivers. Some of the parents' responsibilities are as follows...

  • Provide the director with complete enrollment information as required by the center including transportation plans, emergency medical, health records and immunizations, etc.
  • Tell the caregiver any special needs your child may have including food allergies or dislikes, problems with naptimes, toilet habits, favorite toys and games, etc.
  • Know the qualifications and experience of the people caring for your child
  • Discuss with the Director the center's policy for discipline-there should be no spanking, hitting, or humiliating treatment
  • Receive, read, and refer to the center's written operating policies
  • Sign your child in and out as required
  • Be on time when picking up children. Notify the center if you plan to be late
  • Never send your child to the center sick
  • Notify the center if your child will be absent for any reason
  • Know the cost of care and what is included in the fees. Obtain, in writing, the payment schedule. Are fees paid in advance, paid weekly or monthly, provide break for more than one child, holidays, etc? Pay fees on time.
  • Dress your child in clean, neat clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Send extra clothing for necessary changes.
  • Know the center's procedure for giving medication to children
  • Participate in the center's parents' meetings, conferences, and other special activities
  • Talk with the caregiver if you have concerns or problems. Talk about your child's progress, participation, and activities at the center.
  • Encourage your child to talk about his or her center activities.
  • Visit the center during the time your child is in attendance.
  • Become familiar with the state's child care standards used to license centers
  • Report suspected violations of minimum standards to the center Director and the Department of Human Resources.