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The Center Caregiver

Caregivers have the responsibility of caring for your child in a manner that meets your approval as well as meets the developmental needs of your child. Below is a list of favorable attributes that a caregiver should possess followed by a list of requirements prescribed by the State Department of Human Resources.

A caregiver should...

  • Be friendly and eager to care for children
  • Be warm and understanding and give attention to each child's individual needs
  • Understand and accept that all children have different developmental stages and moods
  • Treat each child with respect
  • Model good citizenship to teach children self respect as well as respect for others
  • Accept the family's cultural values
  • Take time to discuss the child's progress or problems with the parents
  • Be kind and loving toward all children
  • Work cooperatively with co-workers and parents
  • Feel good about their work as a caregiver

  • A caregiver must...

  • Have prescribed training in the areas of child care and child development
  • Meet the minimum age requirement of 19 years
  • Follow sanitary regulations in feeding, diapering, and handling children
  • Hold, cuddle, talk to, and play with children
  • Allow infants out of cribs for reasonable periods of time during the day
  • Never prop a bottle in a crib for infant feeding
  • Provide children with routines and rules that they can understand while providing them with stimulating, interesting, and educational activities
  • Strictly follow the child/staff ratios for ages and activities
  • Comply with lifeguard requirements
  • Manage children's behavior or discipline in a positive, constructive manner which is not threatening or humiliating
  • Never use corporal punishment
  • In accordance with Alabama law, report suspected child abuse and/or neglect
  • Never leave children unsupervised
  • Notify parents immediately of any illness, accident, or other serious incident
  • Release children only to persons identified and approved by parents
  • Obtain parent's written permission before taking a child on a field trip
  • Strictly follow the law requiring the use of seat belts or child restraints when transporting children
  • Follow all minimum standard requirements for day care centers