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Continuum of Care Services RFP

The ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES, (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) seeks qualified vendor to develop Continuum of Care Services, to address the needs of children and their families in order to achieve permanency in a timely manner. This procurement is seeking single, stand-alone Vendors or collaborative Vendors in various areas of the State who are able to provide a range of services from moderate care to intensive in-home services, including, basic care, transitional or independent living programs, mothers and infants programs, therapeutic foster care and traditional foster care. The counties identified for
continuum slots are as follows: Jefferson (86), Mobile (24), Lee (15), Montgomery (20), Madison (35), Calhoun (20), Cherokee (4), DeKalb (6), Etowah (15), Jackson (5), Morgan (8), Lauderdale (15), Marshall (15), Limestone (3) and Cullman (15). Vendors should submit proposals based on their interests at 8 sites: Madison, Northwest (serving Morgan, Limestone, and Lauderdale counties), Northeast (serving
Jackson, DeKalb, Marshall, Cherokee, Etowah and Calhoun counties), Cullman, Jefferson, Montgomery, Lee and Mobile. Selected Vendors for the Northeast and Northwest areas must serve all of the counties in the area and will not be allowed to pick which counties in the service area they are willing to serve. It is expected
that 60% of the cases served in any one area will be preservation cases and 40% re-unification cases.



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