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Child Care Quality Services RFP

The ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES, (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) seeks qualified vendors to provide Child Care Quality Enhancement Services for the Child Care Subsidy Program in the State of Alabama. The Child Care Subsidy Program provides Alabama families equal access to affordable and quality child care services. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (PRWORA) of 1996 amended section 418 of the Social Security Act to provide Federal child care funds to State Lead Agencies. The funds designated under section 418 are referred to by the Department of Health and Human Services as the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) to reflect the integration of multiple funding sources.

The Department is announcing the availability of CCDF funds received pursuant to U.S. Department of Human Services regulations found at 45 CFR Part 98. Funding will be distributed to maximize quality enhancement activities targeted to un-served and under-served children, families and child care providers in Alabama. Monies are specifically earmarked for programs serving infants, toddlers, and school-agers, and general quality initiatives. A more complete description of the services sought for this project is provided in Section 3, Scope of Project. Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must comply with the instructions and procedures contained herein.



RFP Document


Child Care Quality Forms (Microsoft Word Format)

2011 Child Care Quality Budget Forms