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Intensive Residential Services for Children ( Modified )

Alabama DHR invites you to submit a proposal to provide 337 slots of Intensive Residential Services to children in the custody of the state. These services must be provided in a congregate care setting, and must consist of room, board and an array of services for children with serious and/or chronic emotional and/or behavioral management problems that interfere with their ability to function in a family, school and/or community setting outside of a residential environment.

This document was modified on Tuesday, February 14, 2007. The following changes have been made: Section 1.0 Project Overview (page 7) the number of slots changed from 297 to 337; and Section 5: Cost Proposal (page 24) the maximum rate has changed from $240 to $280. In addition, the services requested under this procurement are no longer limited to children 12 years and older. The age limitation has been removed.


Revised Schedule of Events

Pre-Proposal Transcript

Revised Cover Page

Revised RFP Document

Deadline Extension

Personnel Addendum

Pre-Proposal Conference Clarification/Update


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