Chapter 7 

Work Requirements

700        Persons Required to Register

701        Exemptions from Work Registration

A.      Exemptions

B.       Losing Exemption Status

702        County Department Responsibilities

703        Work Registrant Requirements

704        Failure to Comply

A.      Failure to Comply with Food Assistance Work Requirements

B.       Failure to Comply with Unemployment Compensation Work Registration Requirement

C.       Failure to Comply with a Jobs Program Requirement

D.      Disqualification

705        Suitable Employment

706        Participation of Strikers

707        SSI Households

708        Determining Good Cause

709        Disqualification for Voluntary Quit or Voluntary Reduction of Work Effort

710        Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWDS)

A.      General

B.       Exemptions

C.       Regaining Food Assistance Eligibility

D.      Subsequent Loss of Eligibility Regained in C above

E.       Other Actions